A Journey of Self-Discovery

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Literally. Keith found a sale on DNA testing from 23 and Me, so he ordered two kits for us. After an amount of saliva that was both small seeming, but a long time to generate, we popped our samples into the mail. I am very impressed with their concern for confidentiality and privacy. I read their entire (yes, entire) user agreement and privacy statements, because I feel it’s crucial when dealing with something so personal. They have an effective screen that prevents the lab from learning whose sample is whose. I’m not sure “double blind” is the correct term, but it’s a strongly confidential system.

They are remarkably enlightened in their forthrightness and cautions. For instance, they caution that the information discovered may be upsetting, e.g. genetic markers for cancer don’t mean you have, or will even get, cancer – they’re merely an indicator that you might. The most enlightened part of the cautions recommends that we not share any of the information with anyone else, no matter how innocuous the information may seem. Because, they say, that as technology advances, seemingly innocuous information may become very telling, you never know.

So, while I will learn a lot about myself, I shan’t be sharing. ;^P

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