An accidental secret

Posted in Family, Fun at 9:00 am by loretta

Yesterday was Tiny Tiara Day. It happens every April 12th. On this day, my sisters and I celebrate our Mother’s birthday by wearing the tiny tiaras we all wore for her last birthday. It’s a day to celebrate our our awesomeness.


I figured it was more of a personal day, so didn’t really mention it to anyone. I’m told this was a mistake. Friends tell me that everyone should be able to celebrate their awesomeness by wearing a tiny tiara on Tiny Tiara Day. So I’ve been charged with starting a Facebook group, and Maureen with getting the day on the calendar of national holidays.

So here is my invitation to you: Please celebrate Tiny Tiara Day with me next year. I neglected to tell you about it this year, but this is the perfect opportunity to put it on your calendar for next year. If you’re adding it to a computerized calendar, you can even give yourself a warning alarm, so that you can find a tiara in time.

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