The Elusive Glue Gun

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The major obstacle to completing the new catcam case was the lack of finding the glue gun. I use it to hold on the velcro closures. I had fun with duck tape, and scoring plastic, and drilling tape-covered plastic with power tools and scissors (used for the pilot hole), and bending wire for the holders. I even determined the size and placement of the velcro closures, and cut it accordingly.

But I couldn’t find the glue gun. Usually it lives around Keith’s workbench in the garage. Either on or on a shelf above. No such luck for me. I even shuffled piles of stuff around to see if it was buried, but no. The other usual haunt is the library closet. It wasn’t there either, so I also looked in the drawers, the computer room, computer room closet, our bedroom, Maureen’s bedroom (only superficially, after all, why would one hide a glue gun?), the living room, the kitchen, the downstairs bathroom, and the garage as a whole. No luck.

So instead I played with worms. I harvested one tray of compost. The worms confirmed its doneness, by their lack of presence. No food left for them means it’s done. The middle tray was a bit overly wet, so I mixed in some shredded paper. (Your identity is even safer, if after you shred your documents, you feed the shreds to the worms. Even The Penguin can’t tape that back together, bwa ha ha…) The top layer was dry, so I mixed it up, sprinkled it with water, and covered with damp shredded paper. I rescued worms that had fled to the catch bin, and started on setting up the new top tray, freshly emptied of compost. It’s dirty work, but it helps assuage my environmental guilt, and gets me fertilizer.

Maureen is the magic key, apparently to finding the glue gun. When she got home, she found it in the library closet almost right away. She had put it into a cloth bag to keep it tidier. But she was the only one who knew it was there. It didn’t take me long after that to finish up the camera case. I tested it on the cat to see if he’d be OK with the extra weight. It’s nearly six ounces. He is, although less so than before. Now I just need to etch the camera.

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