Constructive criticism

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While we were at lunch, my friend Shiaw-Ling was talking about her writing group. She explained that it was difficult for people to learn to give constructive criticism. It’s very easy to say something sucks; it’s harder to explain why it sucks.

Last night at dinner, I told my friend John that he is a dumbass because of his latest blog post. Go look. See? Keith, Stacie, and I made fun of John during the remainder of dinner.

Unfortunately that’s not constructive criticism. Not even the part where we pretended to forgive him because of his “Canadian ignorance.” There isn’t really such a thing.

It would be better to say that John’s post about Ed Bradley was perhaps too succinct to properly convey his points without seeming ignorant. He might want to consider that there are a wide variety of lovely shades of brown for African-American skin.

John would also do well to research his topic a little before making random comments. He mention’s Bradley’s Lifetime Achievement Award, but fails to mention any of Bradley’s other awards, which include, but are not limited to, nineteen Emmys and a Peabody.

Bradley has done some wonderful work in journalism, and deserves better treatment.


Sunday, November 5

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Today I feel: Slightly nauseous. It’s associated with the headache I’ve been harboring all day (despite the application of caffeine, Excedrin, and ibuprofen at appropriate intervals).

Today I did: Bid farewell to Keith’s parents until Christmas. Went back to bed. Woke with the headache. Read some info for being a poll worker on Tuesday, and contacted my field inspector for set-up time.

I did a little editing on What’s Up Wit’ That? I hope to take over the editing duties from Keith, so he has more time for Keith Explains!

John invited us to watch Borat with him and his friends, so we carpooled with him up to San Mateo. Keith gave Orla the swag she’d won at the Keith Explains! marathon party, which included an autographed picture of them together. Borat was pretty funny. Sometimes it was funny for being silly; and sometimes it was funny for being outrageous. Sometimes it was uncomfortable. There were definite inconsistencies with the plot.

TV I’m watching: Right now I’ve been watching Bento TV, which is a web program that was recommended by Girl Genius co-creator, Kaja Foglio, on her blog. Kaja gets her son to eat home-packed lunches by making bento for him.

What I’m reading: My voter’s guide for the ballot initiatives. My election officer manual. Craft magazine. Throne room reading is still Shojo Beat.

What I’m looking forward to: Being an active citizen by being a poll worker. Yay!

Current pet peeve: Not paying attention to the deadline for the Craft/Make Halloween contest, so that this guy‘s costume gets internet recognition instead of Keith’s. >_<